Periodic Table Of MYP Services and Products

Periodic Table Of MYP Services and Products

Periodic Table Of MYP Services and Products - [ View Larger Image ]

The MYP Online Marketing has adopted its own version of the periodic table "The MYP Periodic Table" to provide an overview of MYP services and product offering and related elements. Each MYP related element, solutions, product and service type i.e. Blog, Specialty Listing, Online Marketing Services, ICT Services, Graphic Design, Video Advertising, Commercial Partners, Social Media- and CSR- activities have been classified into groups as shown below:

I Blog and Editorial Content
II Specialty Listing
Transition ICT and Online Marketing Services
III ICT Services - Commercial Partners
IV Our Partners
V Photography and Multimedia
VI Design and Animations
VII Social Media Channels
VIII CSR Activities
Lanthanoids ODL Packages
Actinides MYP Approval Seals

MYP Periodic table Classifications:

The blogs has been classified in group I because these are usually the most reactive of the metals. You will notice that the social media has been placed in Group VII (the halogens) which are the most reactive of the non-metals. These 2 groups will also usually react instantaneously with each other to form some of the most chemically stable compound e.g. Sodium Chloride. At MYP, We consider that our blog and social media channels work hand in hand and will be the ones that will react the most, both with each other and with our customers.

Specialty Listings are Group II because they are also quite reactive and can translate well the dynamic state of the specialty listing which will have to be constantly improved to keep up with competition.

The Transition, Group III and Group VI are more stable chemically than Group I, II and VII elements. Hence, our Online Marketing Services and ICT Services have been assigned to them as they represent the core of MYP services.

Group V consists of elements with diverse characteristics, including non-metals, metalloids and post-transition metal elements. Because of this, MYP's Partners have been classified into this group to display their diverse nature and size from local partners to international partners like Unitag.

The first element in Group VI is Oxygen. Oxygen is essential for life and will usually react with both non-metals (e.g. Carbon Dioxide) and metals (e.g. Magnesium Oxide). Hence, graphic design, which is an essential component for most of MYP services and solutions e.g. blog, social media, online marketing services and ICT services thus, has been classified into this group as the Oxygen for Online Business and Marketing. Other services related to Graphic Design like creation of banner adverts, animated, flash and video editing have also been placed in group VI.

Group VIII elements are noble gases. They do not react with any other elements of the periodic table. MYP's CSR activities are classified as Group VIII elements because of their "noble" nature and because they should be seen as independent projects that are not directly connected to other marketing and PR activities.

Finally, the different packages for the ODL (Online Directory Listings) service namely the Classic, Classic+, Premium, Premium+ and Cyber. They have taken the place of lanthanides (the first row of elements on the bottom block) in the periodic table. The specific MYP approval seals occupy the place of actinides (the second row of elements in the bottom block of the periodic table).