GROUP III - ICT Services (Commercial Partners)


MYP Periodic Table Group III - ICT Services (Commercial Partners) This group is made up of features which are essential for a web page to be visible on the Internet. The Domain Registration is an essential aspect of setting up a web site it is the crucial moment where you need to choose a domain which is available and you register it under your name, its basically the first step of having your website. Server is another important element of this Group. MYP have the flair and competency to guide you through the process while bearing in mind you might not be very familiar to the IT Jargon. Web hosting is the actual moment where your web site is hosted on the internet, MYP is aware of the latest trends and we provide quality service. Payment Asia is our Partner they have many payment facilities which you could benefit though MYP, it allows you financial flexibility hence stability which is one of the reasons it has been included in Group 3 elements which are stable elements.