GROUP VII - Social Media Channels


MYP Periodic Table Group VII - Social Media Channels Group 7 of MYP Periodic Table consist of our Social Media platforms where MYP is present, we must however mention that these are not an exhaustive list, we can also cater for other social platforms not listed in the list. MYP understands the challenge of the new digital era and the endless opportunities it gives in regards to businesses. Nowadays companies have dedicated sections for Social Media because the avenues that it offers are multiples. Rather than putting adverts in newspapers or television, which is very costly, marketing managers are increasingly opting for Social Media. It offers the possibility of remaining constantly in touch with your customers, creating brand awareness, a chanel where you can give information on your products, discounts, targeting new customers, creating traffic to your website and a quick communication tool where you need to clarify points concerning your products and services. We have nowadays more than 400,000 Mauritians using Social Media, its a huge market that you cannot ignore. Get in Touch with our Customer Service Centre, we will devise a strategy to meet your targets.